Increase Your Self-Identity with Reusable Name Badges

If you run a business that has a high staff turnover rate or a large number of employees, reusable badges are just perfect for you. Clients who need name tags but want the flexibility of onsite customisation, BadgeMags is here to provide you with reusable name badges.

Shakespeare said “What’s in a name”, but your name is important in terms of your business recognition. Here, your name indicates a personal connection with your customers and clients. Our reusable name badges provide you with an interchangeable solution. A wide range of sizes of name badges are available at BadgeMags. If we don’t manufacture it ourselves, we will help you to get it from our extensive range of suppliers and partners around the globe.

Badges can be bought plain or we can customise them for you with your logo, and a blank window is available to slide your name in at your convenience. You may directly print names from your PC, or you may label the names with a label maker that you can find at most stationery supply stores. Reusable name badges with magnetic fitting or a pin closer are available at BadgeMags. Different colours like gold, silver and black name badges are available here.