Order Badge Pins from the International Badge Pin Supplier

BadgeMags, based in South Africa, is a professional supplier of all types of badge pins. We have been supplying quality badge pins since 2002. We are well known as an international badge pin supplier.

For 14 years we have been supplying millions of badge pins of any size, colour, shape and finishing. So, if you are seeking the right destination for all your badge needs, we are here to serve you. So hurry!! Feel free to call us and order today.

The product IDs and product descriptions are given below that will help you to order the right badge pins for your needs.

  • Product ID- 112: Crimp Pin of 25mm, 32mm.
    Product ID- 112P: This is a Plastic Badge Pin of 32mm, 38mm-No Adhesive.
  • Product ID- 112S: They are plastic badge pins with a self adhesive pad. Size- 32mm, 38mm. This type of badge pin is available in black or white.
  • Product ID- 103D: These are nickel plated steel bar pins with a plain base. Size- 19mm, 25mm, 32mm.
  • Product ID- 103P: Nickel plated steel bar pin with glue on a ABS base with 30 x 8mm, 40 x 7mm.
  • Product ID- 103S: These are nickel plated steel bar pins with a self adhesive ABS base. Size- 30 x 8mm, 40 x 7mm.